greenBattNutzung – Accompanying project battery life cycle

With the increasing market diffusion of lithium-ion batteries, the demand to reduce negative environmental impacts is increasing. To do so, the service life of the battery cells must be maximized and the material cycles of the raw materials must be closed. For this purpose, two new research clusters have been initiated by the BMBF as part of the cross-sectional battery life cycle initiative. The “Battery Use Concepts” cluster focuses on extending battery service life and supporting the development of new material and cell concepts.

The “Recycling & Green Battery” competence cluster lays the foundations for the sustainable recycling of batteries and raw materials and the closing of material and resource loops in the battery life cycle. The size and structure of these two competence clusters requires support from a accompanying project so that the achievement of the cluster goals can be controlled and ensured. The accompanying project takes over the central management of the two competence clusters “Battery Use Concepts” and “Recycling & Green Battery” by coordinating the activities, controlling of results and progress as well as cluster communication and event organization. In addition, the research results are bundled and integrated by combining the data, methods, tools and findings developed in the cluster projects in a central data and document exchange platform.

The sub-goals of the accompanying project Battery Life Cycle (greenBattUse) include:

  • Holistic evaluation of raw material cycles and potentials of 2nd use concepts
  • Definition of references and standards as well as scenarios
  • Consolidation of data, methods, tools and research results
  • Provision of methods and tools for overall system analysis and assessment
  • Execution of overall system analysis and assessment based on scenarios
  • Recommendations for political decision makers
  • Scientific management, coordination and controlling of results