Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg – Institute of Applied Physics

The Institute of Applied Physics at TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TU BAF-IAP) drives activities in the field of contactless spectroscopic characterization of various materials for many years. For this purpose, a well-equipped optical lab with excitation wavelengths covering the spectral range from UV to IR and allowing time-resolved (nanosecond time resolution) as well as temperature (15 K … 800 K) and polarisation dependent spatially resolved measurements is available.

The main points of the work lie on the characterization of point defects and the investigation of charge carrier lifetimes in wide-bandgap semiconductor materials. Moreover, the activities cover reliability tests of microelectronic and photovoltaic devices as well as spectroscopic studies on rare-earth element containing compounds.

In the framework of the cluster of competence greenBatt TU BAF-IAP is involved in the project DIGISORT. In order to characterize recycling material streams, alternative optical (e.g. hyperspectral imaging – HIS) and spectroscopic methods (e.g. laser-induced fluorescence – LIF) will be evaluated and applied within this project. As project objective the contact-free measuring technique will be implemented and integrated to the sorting system. This enables an on-line detection of characteristic parameters of the recycling material stream such as size, shape and chemical composition of the particles. Data fusion in real time will lead to a particle discrete information vector as a novel approach in terms of digitalization of the recycling chain. This forms the basis for the application of adaptive process control technologies.

Project participation