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Institute for Infrastructure ∙ Water ∙ Resources ∙ Environment (IWARU)

Since 2005, the Resources Unit which is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Flamme and is part of IWARU, an in-institute of FH Münster University of Applied Sciences, has been working on national and international projects focusing on the development, balancing, evaluation and optimisation of mechanical recycling processes and plants for various types of waste. This includes material flow analyses and the balancing of, among other things, electrical and electronic waste treatment plants, as well as the advanced development of sensor-based sorting systems to online analysis systems for the investigation of plastics and metal-containing material flows. For this purpose, IWARU has various mechanical processing units on a laboratory and semi-technical scale. The quality assurance concepts and business models over the life cycle, which are also developed at IWARU, are essential requirements for sustainable closed-loop recycling.

Within the greenBatt research cluster, IWARU is leading the DemoSens project and is a project partner in AURRELIA. The focus of IWARU’s work in these projects is the further development of the mechanical and sensory processing of battery modules and cells. This includes the wet-mechanical comminution, the further processing of the coarse fractions obtained (AURRELIA) and the adaptation / (further) development of sensor-based systems for sorting the coarse fractions from the battery modules and cells. In addition, a labelling system is being developed that records relevant information in order to optimise battery recycling, e.g. through improved material flow management and subsequent selection of the most suitable recycling route. (DEMOSENS)

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