University of Bayreuth – Chair of Electrical Energy Systems (EES)


The chair of Electrical Energy Systems at the University of Bayreuth contributes extensive project experience and expertise in analyzing and modelling electrical energy systems to the BMBF competence cluster GreenBattery.

These relate to

  • Electrochemical, electrothermal, and electromechanical analysis of the performance and aging of electrochemical energy storage systems and -energy converters;
  • Modeling of the short-termn (performance) and long-term (ageing) behavior of batteries and fuel cells,
  • Model-based state estimation as well as performance-, energy- and lifespan prognosis,
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and time-domain analysis (distribution of relaxation times),
  • Observer-, filter- and control concepts for energy systems;
  • Model-based algorithms for battery- and energy- management systems.

The chair is also a member of both the Bavarian Center of Battery Technology (BayBatt) and the Center of Energy Technology (ZET).

Lithium-ion battery systems are a key to sustainable electromobility. The increasing number of lithium-ion battery systems on the market also requires highly efficient product and material cycles. Remanufacturing, i.e., the industrial reprocessing of battery systems for reuse in the same application, is a promising way of conserving resources before repurposing in further applications or material recycling that destroys the product.

In the University of Bayreuth sub-project, mechanical-electrical-constructive system analyses are carried out to approach essential findings for the remanufacturing of lithium-ion battery systems. The results of these analyses will be compared with the procedural requirements of circular economy options of reuse. Constructive obstacles to remanufacturing are then identified, and approaches to solutions for a future battery system design are derived.

Project participation