DemoSens – Digitalisation of automated disassembly and sensor-based mechanical treatment of lithium-ion batteries for high-quality recycling

During the DemoSens project, the recycling of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, hereafter LIB, is to be digitalised and automated along the entire process chain from disassembly to sorting to mechanical processing. Up to now, the disassembly of LIBs is carried out manually and with a low disassembly depth (e. g. removal of the cable harness). Battery modules and cells that have been exposed and crushed for material separation are then processed using classic separation methods such as sifting and screening. In the DemoSens project an automated disassembly with the help of robots and sensor-based mechanical processing will be carried out for the first time. For this purpose, an iterative and mutual adjustment of the process steps disassembly and mechanical treatment will take place.